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making noize

it started out as a simple chord progression, vaguely inspired on a video about a vintage synth arpeggiator by Espen Kraft, it then turned into a full featured production, done on Ableton Live with a BIG help from my good friend Pedro Dias oh, and it’s also a birthday present :) the track was first released to my soundcloud account, here: https://soundcloud.com/luis-correia-758216743/highway-58 attribution links below Roland Jupiter-8 The Arpeggiator Pedro Dias

fixing things

so this is a new set of posts dedicated to my maker side of things. no promises will be made regarding how many or how often these posts will be made. and this first post is about restoring tools, specifically old power tools. last year my brother in law gave me a bunch of tools in various state of conservation. the first one I kinda fixed was an old German made drill press.