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business models and ecosystems

I sometimes wonder why so many people would just buy any new gadgets from a particular brand/manufacturer.

it is really, really strange. as an example i give you the latest thing from Apple, some sort of crippled tablet. it seems it doesn’t work as a computer, (although it has a virtual keyboard) and it also doesn’t allow you to make voice calls (but there’s a 3G modem inside).

what will make this a great product, you ask?

the answer is easy, CONTROL, that is all it takes to make a great product.

if you can make sure you control the whole ecosystem, and by ecosystem I mean hardware and software, assure that everything that runs in it is of not great but excelent quality, you can really excel.


let me put this in another way, another context:

did you ever wonder why those apple notebooks have so much battery life?

amongst other things you can be sure that is you can develop the hardware and the software in sync, you can have huge battery savings.

you would hardly get this kind of seamlessness with the other two “rival” operating systems, linux and windows.

and with linux it is even more difficult to support all those crappy devices “made for windows”, the manufacturers provide no documentation and show no will to make them better with anything but windows.


getting back to Apple, people bitch about the apps being pulled from the app store with no apparent reason. my opinion is simple, much ado about nothing. whoever writes an app as an experiment, “Zits & Giggles” as an example, cannot expect the app to be around for much longer. make a quick search about this app to know what I’m talking about.


so, the conclusion is: your device will only be as good as the good quality of the available applications, so far only Apple has proven to know exactly what it is good for the customer, the role generally known as “benevolent dictator” 🙂