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you stupid brits!

note to all readers: i like most Englishmen, but some are truly disgusting

This is a direct reply made to [email protected] about an appalling news column written by a biff ([crap article from tony something|http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/columnists/parsons/2007/10/29/oh-up-yours-senor-89520-20024112/|en]).

The piece of crap ‘journalism’ depicted here

“[crap article from tony something|http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/columnists/parsons/2007/10/29/oh-up-yours-senor-89520-20024112/|en]”

shows how arrogant and unbelievely stupid you british are.

I followed all the fairground attraction the McCann’s show provided.

The only true culprits of this whole mess were the fathers.

How on earth could they fled Portugal on the same day they were

declared indicted to the case?

But hey, instead of doing something fruitfull, you decide to attach Portugal.

So, stick the article up your shitty ‘journalist’s’ ass!

Vão levar na bilha, seus filhos da puta!

p.s. Portugal is not Spain, therefore proper naming should have been “Senhor” and not “Señor”, but I guess you missed that school lesson about foreign languages.

yours truly,

Luis Correia