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Fedora 13

Goddard is finally out!

and as always with a new Fedora release, I start the (now painful) chore of upgrading my machines.

my server is usually easy because there’s little to no extra packages, my laptop is a poor example as its hardware is so crappy that if it works at all it is just a reason to celebrate with caviar and champaign.

my desktop is the worst one to work with. tons of extra software (I use x86_64 as base, but need to have all those i686 packages as well), it is my main development machine and the most important one to upgrade. it is usually the last one in the series.

for now, the laptop is being upgraded via DVD, the most reliable method of all (due to crap hardware), but its also very slow and noisy.

the server will be upgraded in place via a simple ‘yum upgrade’, when the update mirrors can cope with the upgrade procedure and this usually takes some days to occour.

meanwhile the laptop is ‘finishing upgrade process’ for over 20 minutes now, going to bed…

UPDATE (next day):

as expected, the nouveau driver is again total crap…

no X screen for me as Fedora 13 was unable to understand that I really want to use the NVidia binary driver. so on with the update of binary driver in order to have X.

another thing Fedora, please respect my font size choice, I’m not blind and I really need the fonts to be smaller or else I’ll just use Windows 7

and yet again about nouveau driver, if it doesn’t do 3D what is the fucking point in using it?