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my Fedora 12 upgrade story

the aftermath of my fedora12 upgrade:

first of all apologies in advanced to Paul Frields and Jan Wildeboer, I think i’ll be somewhat obnoxious 🙂

and so, for some reason, someone decided to start using/promote the nouveau driver, which is a free driver for nVidia card, but it is so new that is doesn’t do 3D and has some issues with some chipsets.

I’m fine with Fedora being bleeding edge technology, but unfortunately I had a major blood loss with this one.

even as my mainboard has one of those unsupported chipsets (geforce 8200), and the primary graphics card being a geforce 8800GT, the driver still doesn’t work.

I mean, a default F12 installation works fine until you try to load the graphics mode, you then get NO IMAGE at all.

Then you happily get the vendor binary only driver and think, aha, i’ll just do “what works” and go and install it. result? the new driver can’t be loaded, why? simple, an existing driver (nouveau) is already taken over the graphics card!

then you think, i’ll just blacklist the driver and try again… no dice…

this was actually what bugged me two days ago.

after many many reboots and swearing, this is how I have it working now:

drm and nouveau drivers are loaded,

nomodeset was added to the commandline

nVidia binary driver is working flawlessly

conclusion: I’ll just wait for the nouveau driver to be at par with the needs that I have (those include 3d) and then I’ll try again. in the meantime, I’m available to test whatever stuff you guys want me to, as I have yet to fix the same frakking problem on my shitty laptop.

p.s. thanks for the hints everyone!