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the vista flop

i’ve been avoiding writing about the latest installment of the desktop operating system made by those guys from Redmond. some say that it is preety, others say it’s the best thing ever, others even say that this is the most revolutionary thing they have ever seen!

me? well, i’ve tested it twice now, the first time in a celeron 2.6ghz/512Mb machine, and the conclusion is obvious, it’s rubbish! while formerly the machine worked rather well, it now crawls on the floor, with all the ram used by the operation system, and unresponsive is the best adjective one could use. you’ve guessed it right, i’ve reverted to the old version of the desktop operating system.

the second test was made at home, using a pentium4 2.4ghz/HT + 2Gb ram. the results didn’t vary that much, although the extra ram makes it perform way lot better then before.

two simple conclusions for now, either wait for the bugfix release (they call it a service pack, who knows why?) or if you really want something preeeeeety, get a MAC.


there is hope, just read this: [“It’s Windows Vista without the bloat!“|http://www.win2008workstation.com/wordpress/2008/03/16/why-should-i-use-a-server-os-for-my-workstation/|en]